Corporate Social Responsibility

Scholarships are available for students holding positions of authority in their schools.
Details and application forms could be optained from the reception.

1997 "Save the cow" project inaugurated to save cows from slaughter.
1997 Nishantha Pradeep adopted by Shakthi and sponsored to date.
2004 3 Tsunami ravaged houses rebuilt
34/5 Sagara Mawatha, Panadura.
145,5th stage Badowita.
455/5 B Dheewara Karyalawatta,Moratuwa.
2005 An orphanage in the vicinity-Sri Jinananda Childrens Home Colombo – 06 identified as in need of help.
A Christmas Party organized and needs for each year supplied.
2005 One year almsgiving in memory of the Tsunami victims given in Galle.
2006 English Classes for the orphans at Sri Jinananda Childrens Home Colombo – 06 inaugurated.
2006 Co – sponsor – White Cow Project. Cattle saved from slaughter transported from the East Coast to Kataragama and given to poor villagers.
2006 Blood Donation Campaign organized by staff and students.
Annual Christmas Party for the orphans where the needs for the next year are supplied is held from 2004 to date.
2008 Given monetory gifts to 1-3 Island rankers for their future studies
2011 Co-sponsored Nursery School in Kelaniya.
2012 Scholarships given to all students of Sri Jinananda home to study in A/L stream
2013 Scholarships awarded to head prefects and deputy head prefects in all subjects to date.