To bring forth an educated generation who while achieving their individual targets of success, would eventually build a value-based society.


Creating an educational environment that synergizes qualified and experienced staff to harness the potential of students.

Board of

Dhammeswari Wickramasinghe

B.A. (Hons) 1st Class (Ceylon)
M.A. with Distinction (London)

Chairperson / Course Director

The Director of Shakthi Institute Mrs Dhammeswari Wickramasinghe – past pupil of Ladies’ College and Visakha Vidyalaya – was ranked No. 01 in the Arts Stream at the Advanced Level Examination in 1952.

She completed the 04 year Honours Degree in 03 years at the University of Peradeniya and obtained a B.A. Honours 1st class Degree.

She proceeded to London on a University Scholarship and obtained the M.A. with Distinction at the University of London.

She was Deputy Principal Visakha Vidayalaya for over a decade.

Message from the Course Director

We at Shakthi Institute have a history of shaping the future of our students. The Shakthi Seminar Series attempted to wean our students from being focused on rote learning and have trained them in critical thinking.

A look back at our O/Level and A/Level results prove the exceptional quality of our education.I pay tribute to my academic staff who by reinventing themselves have created this unique educational environment.

In keeping with fast moving world trends we now highlight Information Technology.Highly qualified lecturers with much innovative talent conduct classes at all levels. We open up for our students new pathways in the Digital World that they may stand tall and proud somewhere, some day.

Students passed out of Shakthi Institute are now on a high professional positions.The confidence with which they return , bringing their own children for academic strength is indeed a touching tribute to Shakthi.

Dear students we extend to you a hand of warm welcome.We offer you our “Strength for Your Future” – academic and beyond…

Mrs Dhammeswari Wickramasinghe

Board of

Tushan Wickramasinghe MBA (ECU, Aus)

Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

Entering into the financial services industry in 1991, through Capital TRUST Securities (Pvt) Ltd. today, Capital TRUST Holdings Group spans 30 fully owned subsidiaries in diverse business interests including Stock Broking, Wealth Management, Margin Trading, Corporate Finance, Education, Information Technology, Packaging and Investments.

Tushan is the Managing Director/CEO of Capital TRUST Securities (Pvt) Ltd, the Stock Brokering firm ranked number One in terms of Transaction Turnover, Brokerage Turnover and the number of Transactions in year 2021, FY 2021/22 and in year 2022. He has been credited with arranging many of the strategic transactions in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and developing Sri Lanka’s leading stock broking firms with the largest local client base serviced through five branches.

With Tushan’s visionary guidance Capital TRUST Residencies (Pvt) Ltd., though a new entrant to the sector of property development, has won many awards at the Asia Property Summits including Best Boutique Developer (Sri Lanka) 2018, Best Mid End Condo Development (Sri Lanka) 2018, Best Affordable Condo (Sri Lanka) 2018, Best Condo Development (Sri Lanka) 2017 and Best Residential Interior Design (Sri Lanka) 2017. He has been instrumental in steering Capital TRUST Properties (Pvt) Ltd., to becoming a fully-fledged Real Estate solutions provider with its own portfolio of properties comprising of several office buildings, apartments, houses and lands as well as dominance in property brokering.

Tushan, as the Founder Director had the foresight in 1996 to establish Shakthi Institute, the leader in English Medium education in the G.C.E Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations with over 10,000 registered students.

He is the Deputy Chairman of ALFT Packaging Co. (Pvt) Ltd, the largest flexible packaging companies in Sri Lanka. Previously he was a Director of Lanka ORIX Leasing Co. PLC (2001 to 2009), People’s Merchant Finance PLC (2012 to 2015), and E Channeling PLC.

Tushan received the ‘Asia’s Greatest Leaders 2018’ Award at Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2018 award ceremony in Singapore in April 2019. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Edith Cowan University in Australia.


Ranks Awarded at Local O/L Examination

  • 2014
Tharindu WickramasingheMr. Indika NawaratneIsland Rank No 1
Kaviru MethnukaMr. S.MuraliIsland Rank No 06English

Ranks Awarded at Local A/L Examination

  • 2023
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
M.S.M.ShaafeeMrs Mano KalupahanaColombo district rank No 01English
Oshada Dilvan JayasingheMr Sanjeewa DharmawardenaColombo district rank No 02English
Sachini WijewardenaMrs. Mano KalupahanaIsland Rank No 01
Teshani HettigeMr. Kasun LiyanageIsland Rank No 01English
Teshani HettigeMr. Nilantha AgampodiIsland Rank No 01English
Teshani HettigeMr. Teran SubasingheIsland Rank No 01English
Sansali De SilvaMr. Kasun LiyanageIsland Rank No 02English
Gimasha ChandradasaMr. Nilantha AgampodiIsland Rank No 03English
Gimasha ChandradasaMr. Teran SubasingheIsland Rank No 03English
Inuka AmpanwilaMr. C.ErendraColombo District Rank No 01English
Tharanyaa RaveenthiranMr. Sanjeewa DharmawardhanaTrincomalee District Rank No 01English
Oshan YalegamaMr. D.W.DangalleColombo District Rank No 02English
Senadie De AlwisMrs. Vyvette UyangodaIsland Rank No 01Arts
Malithi JayaratneMr. Nilantha AgampodiIsland Rank No 03 Colombo District Rank No 01EnglishCommerce
Nipuni DayanandaMr. Nilantha AgampodiIsland Rank No 06 Colombo District Rank No 03EnglishCommerce
Hiruna WickramasingheMrs. Anoma PothupitiyaGampaha District Rank No 01EnglishBio
Pesala Dulkith WelangalleMr. Sanjeewa DharmawardhanaRatnapura District Rank No 01EnglishMaths
Hiruna WickramasingheMr. C.ErendraGampaha District Rank No 01EnglishBio
Hiruna WickramasingheMrs. Mano KalupahanaGampaha District Rank No 01EnglishBio
Pamudu Palinda WijekoonMr. Sanjeewa DharmawardhanaRatnapura District Rank No 02EnglishMaths
Pamudu Palinda WijekoonMr. Pasan MandaraRatnapura District Rank No 02EnglishMaths
Thanuri CharithmaMr. Kasun RamanayakeColombo District Rank No 04EnglishArts
Ravindu Prabhathiya HerathMr. D W DangalleGampaha District Rank 01English MediumMaths
K M Upeksha UdayaratneMr. D W DangalleIsland Rank 01English MediumI.C.T
Saheli WickramanayakeMr. Dulip LuckshanIsland Rank 01 Colombo District Rank 02English MediumMaths
Manendri Anuruddhika UduwelaMr. Pasan MandaraIsland Rank 03 Colombo District Rank 01English MediumMaths
Kaushalya DabareMr. Nilantha AgampodiIsland Rank 02 Colombo District Rank 01Commerce
Rajitha ChandrasekaraMr. Nilantha AgampodiRathnapura District Rank 01Commerce
Yasasvi SiriwardenaMrs. Mano KalupahanaIsland Rank 03 Colombo District Rank 01Sinhala & English MediumBio
Yasasvi SiriwardenaMr. Jagath PatabendigeIsland Rank 03 Colombo District Rank 01Sinhala & English MediumBio
Pulasthi EkanayakeMr. D.W DangalleColombo District Rank 01English MediumMaths
Tharindu Batawala ArachchigeMrs. Anoma PothupitiyaPuttlam District Rank 01English MediumMaths
Harsha Prabath RanasingheMr. D.W.DangalleColombo District Rank 01English MediumMaths
Kanchana Nisal RanasingheMr. D.W.DangalleColombo District Rank 02English MediumMaths
Kanchana Nisal RanasingheMr. Siri EdirisingheColombo District Rank 02English MediumMaths
Kanchana Nisal RanasingheMrs. Anoma PothupitiyaColombo District Rank 02English MediumMaths
Kavisha VidanepatiranaMr. Pasan MandaraIsland Rank 01English MediumMaths
Prasan WarnakulaMrs. Mano KalupahanaIsland Rank 01English MediumBio
Dushan PiyaratneMrs. Mano KalupahanaIsland Rank 03English MediumBio
Pramith RuwanpatiranaMrs. Mano KalupahanaIsland Rank 01English MediumBio
Malinda GunawardanaMrs. Mano KalupahanaIsland Rank 02English MediumBio (Old Syllabus)
Jayal YapaMrs. Mano KalupahanaIsland Rank 04English MediumBio
Lakshan HettiarachchiMrs. Anoma PothupitiyaDistrict Rank 01English MediumMaths
Charith FernandoMrs. Mano KalupahanaDistrict Rank 01English MediumBio
Binu AmaratungaMrs. Anoma PothupitiyaIsland Rank 03English MediumMaths
Umesh JeyarajaMr. Siri EdirisingheIsland Rank 01English MediumBio
Kaveen WeerasingheMrs. Mano KalupahanaIsland Rank 01English MediumBio

Ranks Awarded at London A/L Examination

  • 2012
AL 2012 (Cambridge)Island Rank No.01
AL 2012 (Edexcel)Two World Prize Winners

Shakthi Institute declared open by Professor Nandadasa Kodagoda on January 1, 1997. Centrally situated in 333 Galle Road Colombo 04.
Highly qualified and much experienced teachers from prestigious schools handpicked to teach. Students prepared for G.C.E. O/L and A/L Examinations.

First batch of G.C.E. O/L students sat Examination with excellent results


New Building built to meet increasing demand. 

First batch of students sat G.C.E. A/L Examination obtaining outstanding results.


English Medium Education introduced with carefully selected teachers from elite schools.


New Branch opened at 51 Alexandra Place Colombo 07.


First batch of students at Colombo 04 Branch sat London O/L Examination obtaining excellent results.

Commemoration of 10th Anniversary of Colombo 04 Branch.

London Examinations introduced at Colombo 07 Branch.


Celebration of 10th Anniversary of Colombo 07 Branch.

15th Anniversary of Shakthi Institute.
20th Anniversary celebrations of Shakthi Institute held at the Water Front with the participate of over 100 lecturers.

Ceremonial opening of the Water Front Branch.


Started Shakthi Online Education